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All About Tyrvaya: Nasal Spray to Treat Dry Eye

The National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests a new way to battle dry eye syndrome, a condition affecting millions of individuals in the United States. Common over-the-counter eye drops can relieve the symptoms. But if you do not respond well to these drops, Tyrvaya® may be the solution you need. Here are the details about this nasal spray treatment for dry eyes. 


What Is Tyrvaya?


This prescription medication comes in the form of a nasal spray. Tyrvaya was approved by the FDA in 2006 for the treatment of dry eye syndrome. Varenicline is the active ingredient in this nasal spray. Studies show that this alternative medication has a low risk of side effects. It may also be more effective than medicated eye drops.


How It Works


Scientists believe that varenicline in Tyrvaya attaches to nicotine acetylcholine receptors. This excites the nerve that connects to your tear ducts. The stimulation causes your tear ducts to produce tears. 


Other experts see Tyrvaya stimulating the nasal nerve endings. These structures are part of the trigeminal parasympathetic pathway. Exciting this pathway allows the glands and cells around your eyes to increase mucin, water, and oil, resulting in more tear production. 


Tyrvaya is the first nasal spray medication for dry eye syndrome. It is available in one dosage, which is 0.6 milligrams per milliliter. Each spray gives you 0.03 milligrams of varenicline. 


Clinical results suggest that Tyrvaya has the potential to be a well-tolerated, effective treatment. A trial back in 2022 discovered that self-reported dry eye symptoms and natural tear production improved after four weeks of Tyrvaya use. Since its approval, there have been no reports of serious side effects associated with this medication. 


There are tear film-producing structures around your eye. The cells and glands attach to the nerve in your nose that controls tear film production. Tyrvaya activates the nerve pathway that tells these structures to produce more tear film. Regular sprays mean regular stimulation that leads to consistent tear production. 



Using Tyrvaya


Your eye doctor will instruct you on how to use this medication. Tyrvaya is different from other nasal sprays. The drug packaging has specific directions. There is also an illustrated guide and instructional video on the manufacturer’s website that you can check out. You should remember not to do the following:


  • Sniff hard with each dose

  • Shake the bottle

  • Spray it into your affected eye


Once you open a Tyrvaya bottle, you need to throw away unused medication after a month. There are two Tyrvaya bottles in one pack. You need to consume one bottle before you open a new one. Doing so will allow you to maximize the product.



When to Use Tyrvaya


The eye doctor will instruct you to use this nasal spray two times a day, every 12 hours. Taking Tyrvaya at the correct times can keep the levels of varenicline steady in your system. This helps the medication function well. A reminder app or your phone alarm can help you take this nasal spray on time. 


If you do forget to take a dose, skip it. Continue taking the medication at the next schedule. Do not take extra nasal sprays to replace the missed dose. 


You need to talk to your doctor if you can take Tyrvaya as a long-term treatment. This medication is formulated to provide relief this way. Regular checkups can help keep an eye on your progress. 


The correct use of Tyrvaya can control your dry eye symptoms. At Volusia Eye Associates, we help our patients achieve better eye health. You can drop by our clinics in New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater, Florida, for an in-person consultation. Please call us at 386-427-4143 to set an appointment or inquire about Tyrvaya and our other dry eye treatment packages.,+415+N+Causeway,+New+Smyrna+Beach,+FL+32169&ludocid=8187326901652864243#lrd=0x88e72942de87c211:0x719f3a705104bcf3,3