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What Is the RxSight® Lens Implant?

A cataract develops when the natural lens in your eye turns hard and cloudy. This causes blurry vision, making it difficult to see. Cataracts are a leading cause of vision impairment. The only treatment for this eye condition is to remove the hard, cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial one. 

This is one of the most frequently done surgical procedures. Interestingly, it also happens to be one of the most successful procedures done today. Cataract removal surgery can also allow eye doctors to treat other vision issues patients may be experiencing. These include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia. 

RxSight Lens vs. Traditional Intraocular Lens

Intraocular Lens

With conventional intraocular lenses, eye doctors perform measurements before the procedure to determine the best intraocular lenses to use. IOLs are artificial lenses eye doctors implant during cataract removal surgery to replace a patient’s natural lens. 

Protein buildup causes the eye’s lens to become cloudy, leading to the development of a cataract. This cloudiness in the lens affects its ability to refract or bend light, causing discolored, hazy, or blurred vision. 

The traditional lenses implanted during cataract-removal surgery come with a predetermined or fixed lens power. The eye doctor must choose the appropriate lens power before the procedure begins. Following the implantation of the lens and completion of the procedure, your eye doctor will have limited options in adjusting the lens power.

RxSight Lens

This is the first and only light adjustable lens that is customizable after cataract-removal surgery. After you heal from cataract-removal surgery, this type of lens will allow you and your eye doctor to customize your vision. Made of a special photosensitive material, light adjustable lenses are becoming increasingly popular.

The materials used to make the lenses change their power and shape in response to UV light. This gives you and your eye doctor the ability to preview and adjust or fine-tune your vision until it meets your needs. 

In the weeks following the implantation of the RxSight® lens, your eye doctor will gradually customize your vision. He/she will do this through a series of light treatments, which will only take a few minutes and are non-invasive. It can take between one and two weeks to achieve your vision goals. Once you reach your vision goal, you will need to undergo one last light treatment to make the results permanent. 

What to Expect After the Treatment

Immediately after the procedure, you may experience blurry vision due to the gel used during the procedure. Fortunately, this issue should resolve itself quickly. Also, following treatment, your eyes may stay dilated for a few hours.

During the recovery and adjustment phase following surgery, UV light can cause uncontrolled adjustments to the light-sensitive lenses. Patients must wear UV protective glasses from the time the lenses are implanted until 24 hours after the final light treatment. You may remove the protective lenses temporarily when cleaning your face or when applying eye drops. 


Once you achieve and validate the best possible vision, your eye doctor will lock in your prescription. It is important to communicate throughout the healing process. This will help you define your vision goals and direct the precise application of light to create a personalized prescription lens. It can take up to one day for you to experience a vision improvement. 

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